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Random Ponderings

So the more I think about it the more I’m starting to feel like I may be demisexual, or somewhere on that spectrum.  It’s kinda hard for me to explain because i feel like I have a really high sex drive sometimes but other times it’s almost non-existent.  Most of my experiences with sex have been kinda neutral.  Some have been boring, some were interesting from an intellectual perspective of “oh, I wonder what will happen if I do that”.

However I do not by any means intend to imply that I don’t ever enjoy sex.  It’s just that it’s only good for me if I have a connection to a person.  To me sex without love just feels meaningless or mechanical.  I’m always left feeling like something was missing. 

On the other hand when I really connect with a partner all I want to do is fuck them.  All I feel like I can think about are ways to stimulate them and make them feel good.  As I’m typing this I realize that the joy I get from sex has nothing to do with the physical stimulation and is more from the act of bonding.  From knowing how much we both want to please each other.

So basically that’s why I feel like I’m probably demisexual.  I only seem to enjoy sex if I’m falling for someone or in love.

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